A Dispatch from Gordy: MVSA TD Competition

A Dispatch from Gordy: MVSA TD Competition

This just in from Gordy, who flew in the Mississippi Valley Soaring Association‘s Thermal Duration contest yesterday:

I guess it was just a matter of time before the cops caught up to me for those parking tickets….

So I got up this morning really pumped for a great day of TD competiton, the sky was grey but high, the temp was cold but not really that bad…around 50…the air was clean and active.

When I came out there was the sherrif…with a broom, yep community service….so there I was working really tight circles, pushing deep and really working hard. My usual tendency to stall was as usual, but every time I got my nose up the sherrif would rap me with his stick.

Talk about a ‘countdown timer’….I didn’t know if I was going to make it, but ultimately I landed in my truck and headed to the field.

A great group of guys and some nice planes…even an Icon was in attendance.
I had my Pike Superior and my Organic (from Kennedy Composites) warmed up and they managed to do their part of the job pretty well today.

It was no roll over, Jeff was not only working as CD, but had the pressure of being closely in contention for the clubs total winning points resting on this contest. Inspite of all that going on, he lead me flying an older Sleger plane thru all the rounds. I tried some gamesmanship on him but he was too mentally tough to buckle.

It was down to the last round of the Unlimite where everything was going to be decided….and I managed to pull out about 5 extra points to clinch it from his grasp. He still took over all year point champ for his club, in any case.

For 2m, it was close for all of us, but by the end of the second last round, I was up about 100 points, I figured it was in the bag, but the weather had turned a lot colder and the cloud cover had thickened. I worked small stuff up high wayyyy downwind, but had to come back at about only 4min out of the 9 target. I hit sink and its brother mega sink… and while I expected to get back to the landing tape….a gust came a long and stopped me about 30′ short of the landing tape…..yikes! Alden Shipp had been hot all day long flying some well worn RES type ships in all classes. His RES flight just prior to me getting stuffed was a sky out and an amazing trip back home from way out….and his shot at grabbing the 2m title from me was all but assured….till he flew…his flight ended up even tougher air than I had and he landed almost exactly in the spot where I had my walk of shame to claim my plane….

A glorious day of soaring to say the least. Wish you all could have been there….Look out TX, you’re next on my list this coming couple of weeks!


Gordy took both the 2M and the Open Class Competition!

Check out a photo from the competition!

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