The Louisville Bats

The Louisville Bats

About a month ago, our man Gordy started a drive to get a bunch of Windrider Bats built and on the slope at Frankfort. Eventually, Gordy hyp-mo-tized a group of us with his salesman magic, and we had ordered something like 14 of these little beasts! Ming (the not-so-merciless) at Windrider also supplied us with nearly-full-span carbon fiber spars, so we could test out the dynamic soaring qualities of this relatively cheap kit.

Well, the Bats have been in for a while, and they are started to turn up built! Our man Bruce even had a chance to test one out on Monday at Frankfort. To quote: "WOW this baby really holds it's speed and flies like it is on rails."

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I'd like to get more photos of completed or in-process Bats, so if you've got 'em, email to ben [at] thelocust [dot] org!

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