More Bat Photos, Bat Testimony!

More Bat Photos, Bat Testimony!

A group of LASS'ers made it out to the Frankfort slope yesterday, and did a little more BATting practice!

Gordy sez: "This thing holds energy, heck grabs energy, like a Wizard Compact.

Goof up a turn at the top of the DS groove and usually have to bail out, not with the Bat, it just attacks the backside and groooooves the thru the front!

Talk about light lift flying….we had LIFT, but winds only at calm to 5mph, near dark tonite and we were still flying the Bat on the front and back..

I had a DS groove going 10mph, maybe less at one point and it wouldn't quit!

There wasn't enough on the front to go back out, but the Bat holds energy sooo well you swear it creates its own.

Take a few turns to get your head on what you are flying but then no problem.

The elevons work just fine, never felt that I couldn't bring it around even when I had some heat going.

This thing is worth every single penny and more!

Lots of fun ahead guys."

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