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LASS Bats Attack the Frankfort Slope!

LASS Bats Attack the Frankfort Slope!

A group of LASS'ers (and a couple of CSS'ers) made it out to the Frankfort slope Sunday, and we all just so happened to have our Windrider Bats! I, Brian Kopke, Hank from Lexington, Ken Marks (and son Sam), Bruce Davidson, and Paul and Rudy Siegel had a rip-roarin' time.

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The winds weren't spectacular, as the thermal activity was kicking up pretty well, so sometimes the Bats were floundering — I (Ben) nearly ditched mine in the field below, but Bruce's coaching helped me to send that thing sky-high in the approaching thermal. Hank didn't fair so well, unfortunately, as he did have to take the "drive of shame" a little later on. Hank, Brian and my bats all had their maiden voyages, and all survived to tell the tale. Young Sam Marks even got into the act with a buddy-box with dear-old dad. Both Ken and Bruce had their Milleniums out and Paul brought along his Icon and got their DS grooves on. Thanks to all that came out, and those that didn't — get there when you can!

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