Bruce Davidson Takes 4th at IHLGF 2004!

Bruce Davidson Takes 4th at IHLGF 2004!

Bruce Davidson has written in to report that he's won 4th place at the IHLGF 2004, hosted by the Torrey Pines Gulls at Poway Flight Center in San Diego. Here's what he had to say:

I thought you may wanna post this for all the boys. I managed to fight my way into fourth place at the big dance. I got all the guys in the top ten to sign my wing. I entered into the finals in first place and I think I was the most surprised. It was a 3 round flyoff and the wind was kicking. In the first round, first flight I landed out on a fairly long flight for a really low score. The next 2 rounds were pretty good but I flew to conservative thinking about that out of bounds landing and I got passed by 3 good buddies and great pilots. Still fourth place puts a huge smile on my face that will last a long time.

Headed to visit Tom Copp at this morning to pick up wing rods for the Pike and then on to Parker Mountain for 2 full days of kick ass dynamic soaring.


Congrats, Bruce!

Note: click on the photo to see a larger version of Bruce's "winning smile"!

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