June 15, 2004

June 15, 2004

May 16
We are going to try something different. Instead of trying to compose a newsletter I am going to keep this log. Ben will post it up on the web site whenever I send him an update. I hope to keep the news more timely and the club better informed. Let me hear your feedback.

Those of you that did not come out for the "Day after the Derby" makeup contest missed a good meal and a good day of flying. The team of Bruce Davidison, Ken Marks, and Hank Gullett won the flying part of the day. Everyone won on our hamburgers and hot dogs.

June 4
We started flying officially last Thursday (June 3) evening. We will try to have the equipment at the field by 5:00pm. Always check the weather before coming out. We are scheduled every Thursday evening until the last Thursday in September to fly from 5:00pm till dark. If you come out on Thursday's note we have been going up to the Louisville Pizza place after flying to eat and rehash the evenings flying. Everyone is welcomed.

June 15
The Nat's is right around the corner. It looks like LASS will be very well represented this year. I see Bruce and Ken are flying H/L on Monday. Bruce, Ken, and myself are flying 2-Meter on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ron Allen and Johnny B. are joining the same Bruce, Ken, and Ed trio, for Unlimited that is being flown on Thursday and Friday. Ron, Johnny B. and myself are also set to fly on Saturday in either or both RES and Nostalgia. I encourage any club member that can to come up and watch. By the end of the week we could all use some " friendly" timers. The soaring part of the Nat's run July 24 thru July 31. More information can be found at the LSF and AMA's web sites.

— Ed

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