LASS team wins the DARTS Handlaunch Contest

LASS team wins the DARTS Handlaunch Contest

Gordy writes in to say that Bruce has won the Dayton Area Thermal Soarers annual Handlaunch Contest!

From Gordy:

I am extremely happy to report that our own Nats Hand Launch Champ Bruce Davidson went up to Dayton (along with world class Caller/Timer Ken Marks) and bested the field in a Man On Man, Seeded (pure no holds barred, no excuses possible) contest format.

Phil Barnes (current International Handlaunch Champion) brought his best game and it wasn't even close to Bruces performance.

Ken is paying his contest 'dues' by finding thermals that suck him further down wind than his plane will return from and that makes zeros! All part of learning our planes and their capabilities at contests.

Congrats to our LASS Discus Hand Launch Team…again!

The DARTS site hasn't been updated with scores as of yet, so hang tight for the official word.

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