July 2, 2004

July 2, 2004

Last night we had another large group flying at our regular Thursday evening flying session. Even though we occasionally could hear thunder way off we never got a drop at the field.

Ron Allen just bought a bundle of servos. He showed up last night with a 2-meter plane sporting some of these new servos. He proceeded to get it trimmed and got one of the longest flights of the evening. Over the next several weeks look for Ron to bring more planes to the field.

Eric showed up with his new Bird of Time. There was some field "assembly" to repair a rudder pushrod problem. After a team repair he preceded to put in several smooth flights followed by a grin from ear to ear. If someone is looking for a good buy in a great flying plane the BOT is currently on sale, going for about $120 in an ARF kit from Tower.

Ken Marks flew his new unlimited class plane last night for the first time. He had some pop off issues at first but with Bruce's help the two of them got it figured out. Looks to me that Ken has a great flying plane.

Bruce Davidison is buying some land and a house out near Shelbyville. His new "private flying field" is large enough to fly unlimited planes out of. Sometime in the near future we will have to test the lift at his field. Just be sure to BYOB.

The weather forecast does not look good for this weekend but we will try early Sunday morning if the weather permits. I will have to leave the park by 2. If you cannot fly Sunday try to make it next Thursday.


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