Bruce Davidson Wins the Nationals Handlaunch Competition

Bruce Davidson Wins the Nationals Handlaunch Competition

This just in from Gordy:

Congratulations to Bruce Davidson, now 'TWO TIME" Nationals Handlaunch Champion!

Way to go Bruce!
(Of course, credit has to go to his awesome timer/caller Ken Marks for providing expert strategy advice and allowing Bruce to concentrate on flying)

Ken flew also and came in about 14th out of 27, with a radio who's trims were going nuts due to rain water! Great job Ken!

Go Ed and Ron! They have 2 meter and RES, then all of us attending (Ed, Ron, Ken and me) go at it for open class on Thursday!


And from Jim Bacus:
Today in Handlaunch it was real wet, but they got 8 rounds in! I was just
soaked taking pictures and timing for Steve Meyer. Joe Wurts broke his
main model (broke the boom launching it) and dropped 500 points early
on. Bruce Davidson (another lefty) lent him a model and Joe went on to
capture 3rd place. Mike Smith placed 2nd and Bruce Davidson did it
again!!! Congrats Bruce!

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