Bruce Gives the Low-down on the NATS HL Competition

Bruce Gives the Low-down on the NATS HL Competition

From Bruce's post on the RCSE:

Aaaah yea, hand launch at the NATS. One good thing is there WAS weather and
that makes for good contest conditions. Even though it was drizzling rain on
us most of the day Marc kept us flying through 8 rounds. Lift was scarce but
there was some light stuff to be found on nearly every flight. With
conditions like this I really try to focus on efficient flying and big launches.
Efficient flying means ONLY turning when you feel a bump and suspect lift and then
keep it slow and flat. Although I did get a lot of my times I did very few
fast turnaround launches. Mostly I was milking out every second so I did a lot
of picking it up off the ground. Big launches can make all the difference in
a light air contest and I was throwing extra hard yesterday. The downside to
big launches is you tend to find all the weak spots on the airplane:-) My
first break was an aileron pushrod in the middle of a round. Next I broke the
throwing peg in half on my backup and had to throw 2 more times just gripping
the wing tip! I managed to get things fixed and ready on both by the next

Marc asked us to fly 5 two minute flights for most rounds. It was tough and
definitely the right task for the conditions. We did a couple of 3 three
minutes and 1 one minute rounds and the 1-2-3-4 minute round just to keep us
honest. The NATS is a fantastic contest and you shouldn't miss it. The field is
one great flying site and is always well groomed. The LSF crew and friends are
all over the place and take care of everything to ensure the pilots have a
good time. If you missed it, you really missed it.

It was great seeing everyone again and even better coming out on top at the
end of the day. Thanks again to Marc for taking the time to CD the event. And
a big thanks to all the LSF crew for planning and running such a great event!

–Bruce Davidson

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