Two New Planes in the Hangar

Two New Planes in the Hangar

Johnny B just sent me a new photo of his new Sailaire. Only 2 years, 7 months in the making, but it's finally done! Here's what he had to say:

Whew, it's finally finished! It sucessfully flew last Sunday in high wind conditions and did pretty well during it's 8 test flights. It is definately a floater and takes a lot of field to get it to land, (ground effect) Well I guess no airplane in it's right mind wants to be on the ground right?

Also, I (Ben) just finished my recovering and restoration of a Majestic I purchased in May from a former LASS-mate. I managed to scrape a couple ounces off her frame, and hope to fly it soon. I'm pretty happy with my new covering job, and a little intimidated with it's 3-meter wingspan!

You can view larger photos of both of these by clicking on the photos above, or browsing around in our Gallery.

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