NATS Roundup

NATS Roundup

First off, we've got some great photos from the NATS from Ed, and you can check them out in the 2004 NATS gallery!

Secondly, the NATS Scores are finally totally posted over on Our guys did a great job in Muncie with Bruce Davidson's 1st place win in the handlaunch competition, and Ed Wilson taking 3rd place in nostalgia and 5th place in RES. Ron Allen, Ken Marks and Gordy Stahl all made great showings in a number of categories as well. In fact, I think if you average all of our placings together, we are solidly above average. Not bad for a little club in Kentucky!

And since some of the crew was back in town on Sunday, we had a flying session and Ed was on-the-spot with his cam to catch a few images of mine and Johnny's new planes (the Majestic and Sailaire). You can see those images in the 2004.08.01 – Sunday Flying gallery.

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