August 11, 2004

August 11, 2004

A belated congregations to Bruce Davidson for his second Hand Launch Nat's win. Bruce has developed a reputation from coast to coast as a skilled hand launch flyer. When Bruce moves into his new home near Shelbyville he will be able to practice nearly every day on his own acreage.

At the Nat's I was able to continue to place well with the bent wing birds. I placed 5th in RES and 3rd in Nostalgia class. Ken Marks, Ron Allen, and Gordy Stahl all attended and competed. We all had small cases of Natsitis, as we all had incidents that put us out of the running. Ron and I both took a walk in the "bean fields", Gordy had an ill timed circle in the landing zone, and Ken had a non-launch all giving each of us a zero for our score in that event.

Scores are posted on the LSF web site at There is also a link to Steve Meyers web site and his Nat's pictures. Ben has posted my pictures elsewhere here on our web site.

This past Sunday (8/8/04) was one of the best lift days we have seen all year. I loaned Johnny B. one of my thermal sniffers for his new Sailaire. He proceeded to use it to get his LSF 15 minute thermal flight by flying twice the required time for a thirty-minute flight. Later on he did another flight where he recorded an altitude of 2500 feet. The Sailaire looked really small at that altitude.

Ben Wilson had invited out several friends that fly park flyer planes. I think there were about 20 total flyers at the park Sunday flying both sailplanes and electric park flyers. The weather this coming weekend is looking good. A cool night with rapid temperature rise should provide strong lift.

Upcoming activities include Lexington's Mid-Am Championship August 28-29. This contest is part of the OVSS series. I enjoy and plan on attending the Tullihoma contest in early September and Pumpkin Fly in October.

— Ed

note: I have put a link to the President's Logs all by themselves over in the left-hand menu! Now you can easily read them all! –ben

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