August 17, 2004

August 17, 2004

We have been blessed with several weekends in a row with perfect weather for soaring. This past Sunday was awesome with light winds and huge lift all day.

I took great pleasure in helping get Eric back into the air this past Sunday. After crashing his BOT, a couple of weeks ago. I was able to get Eric a used BOT. He flew the wings off the new plane all day Sunday. It was his batteries being used up that finally grounded him. I also signed Eric up with the LSF goal program early on Sunday and before he had to stop flying, he had done one of his level 1 thermals and had two landings already on his sheet.

Take note Ben Wilson, flying his Majestic, is hitting the center of the landing zone on a regular basis. Someone else to watch for is Johnny B. He really likes to spec out his Sailaire.

Speaking of LSF, several members need contest to move on to their next levels. Here are the dates for the remaining area contest. I will pass on more info as I get it on some of these. A FYI Tullahoma and Muncie are both 3 hour drives and Cincinnati or Lexington are both just over an hour away from Louisville.

Lexington -August 28-29 – Unlimited and RES with Expert and Sportsman class in both classes. Free lunch on Saturday – $15 for one class per day, $20 for two classes per day. (web link to announcement)

Tullahoma Tn – Sept 18-19 – Unlimited and RES (I am unsure but I think there is a sportsman class) (Coffee Airfoilers website)

Muncie – Oct 2-3 – Final OVSS event and championship ( There is a sportsman class here) (LOFT Contest Schedule)

Cincinnati – Oct 16-17 – Pumpkin Fly (Pumpkin Fly 2004 @ CSS Website) Note on all the two day events each day is a separate contest. If you can not make it on Saturday you can still fly on Sunday. On the other hand if you can make both days of a contest you can have two LSF contest scores.


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