Launch Video, etc.

Launch Video, etc.

Bruce Davidson sent in a little clip of Ken Marks launching his Pike off the winch last Sunday. We've broken new ground (for the LASS website), and proudly display our first-ever video:

ken launches

(click to view, size: 850k = 2.5 minutes @ 56k)

I've also created a gallery just for video! If you have any photos/videos you'd like to send in, drop me a line at and I'll give you instructions on how to access our FTP site. Also, I've uploaded a PDF of Gordy's "Interrogation of a Sport Soarer" into our downloads section.

Update: Gordy sent in a video from Jo Grini of with he and Jo from the 2004 F3J Worlds in Red Deer (previous story link). You can check it out here: 2004 F3J Worlds with Gordy and Jo.

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