September 10, 2004

September 10, 2004

We are nearing the end of our Thursday evening flying sessions. Early darkness will end our ability to fly in the evening very soon. Last night the sun was behind the trees by 7:30 and it was getting hard to see the planes by 8:00.

For those of you that missed last nights flying the weather could not have been more perfect. Almost no wind and small gentle bubbles of lift was giving up 10-minute flights. Bob and Ernest Kidder were out last night with their free flight electric and rubber planes. It is amazing to watch these planes circle and climb with no outward control. With the nearly calm air last night they were getting some nice long flights.

We are also seeing more and more park flyer type planes showing up at the park. These small electric power planes have been looking for a home. I have talking to several of the new flyers. They are finding it a bit friendlier to fly at Vettiner than at area power fields. We have always allowed electric "glider" type planes at the park. I think, as the designated group in charge of all models flying a Vettiner, we need to strike a balance between the needs of the park flyers and the safety of flying all of our planes in the park. One positive point has been several park flyers have moved up to flying gliders and have become members of LASS.

Park usage is key to us having a place to fly in the future. In the past thirty (that's right, THIRTY!) years I have worked with the Metro Park Department our usage has stopped other groups from claiming what is the last open space we can fly out of in the county. The more we use the field the more secure we are in keeping the field for years to come. I think everyone is aware we are under pressure from baseball and football teams who contest us for "their" spot on the field every time we get a wind shift. I think the addition of park flyers to the field can be a good thing for all of us. We can discuss this during our winter meetings.

Speaking of park usage Labor Day weekend I saw the largest gathering of flyers at the park for one day of flying I have seen in years. With several regulars missing we still had 22 individual flyers flying various models all day.
This coming weekend (Sept 18-19) I plan on going to Tullahoma Tenn. to fly in a contest. We need to have someone else get the winch for Sunday flying.

The coolest item – Ben Wilson has a video set up to mount on a plane with live feed back to a camcorder. His camera and transmitter weigh only 3 oz so mounting on most models is no problem. Early test have shown some amazing shots. Eric's BOT was the test bed last night. Maybe we can produce a film of flying at and over Vettiner.

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