September 27, 2004

September 27, 2004

I knew something was not right yesterday. After setting up the winch we broke the winch line three times straight trying to launch a plane. Now this was unusual in that we have not broken the line three times all year.

Bruce finally got his Mantis launched. In just a few minutes he hollered, "I don't have it" Turning around and looking above the Golf shed Bruce's Mantis was spiraling down in an uncontrolled spin. Just before disappearing behind the trees the plane leveled out and Bruce was able to make it back to the field. A sticking aerlion servo was the cause of the near demise of a Mantis.

In a few minutes, after putting the Mantis away, Bruce has put his Hand Launch into a tree and it is stuck really well. Not to be out done Perry has put his Bird of Time into the tallest tree in the stand of woods near the tennis court. Like Bruce, Perry had a plane malfunction where his elevator ceased to work. Now, only minutes apart, we have two planes stuck in trees at the same time. We were not done yet!

Within an hour Tony had one of his Fire Birds battery packs die and we all watched the plane free flight back to the Christmas tree farm. It took almost an hour to find it in a Pin Oak tree back there. I decided my flying was done for the day. We had a year worth of calamity in one afternoon and I wanted no part of it.

Two of the stories have a happy endings as Perry and Tony both got there planes back from the trees undamaged. Bruce was not so lucky as his plane was wedged right against the trunk of the tree and was severely damaged getting it down.

This coming Sunday (October 3) I will be in Muncie flying in the final OVSS soaring event of the year. Ron will be flying also. Gordy will be in Visalia California flying in that large soaring event. If someone can and wants to get the winch contact me to make arrangements to have it unlocked.

This coming Thursday is our last scheduled evening flying session. It is getting dark so early that there is very little time to fly before darkness sets in. To wrap up our evening flying season we are planning to go in mass to an area restaurant and eat dinner and test the liquid menu. See you then.

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