End of Thursday Flying for this Season! / Gordy Goes Up a Tree

End of Thursday Flying for this Season! / Gordy Goes Up a Tree

We capped off another season's worth of Thursday-night flying last night with a short flying meeting at the field, and then retired to El Nopal for some tasty Mexican food. It would seem that just in the last couple of months, the club has grown by a number of new prospective members, many of them new folks itching to learn. Good times ahead! This weekend, Ed, Ron, Hank and possibly John B. are headed up to Muncie, Indiana for the final Ohio Valley Soaring Series competition at the LOFT/MIST Fall Round-up. Good luck to those guys!

As we head into winter, there are a number of club members looking to build new ships for the spring, and hopefully we'll get photos and updates from those folks building during the cold months. One guy who is considering a couple of planes for a build this winter is Perry. You see, he managed to get his Lil' Bird caught up in a 50-60' tree on Sunday. Luckily Gordy swung by to help him out. Gordy was a lumberjack in his past life, you see (I don't know what ever happened to his Big Blue Ox), so he helped out Perry by scaling the tree and retrieving the plane. What? You don't believe me that Gordy would do such a thing? P'shaw, friend, we've got photographic evidence! Check out the Gordy Goes Up a Tree gallery.

perry bird

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