Jay and Kent: “Upholding the LASS Banner”

Jay and Kent: “Upholding the LASS Banner”

Back in September, Jay Burkart competed in the 2004 SAM (Society of Antique Modelers) Champs, and as he put it:

"[Jay] upheld the banner of the Louisville Soaring Society this year. I flew in 7 different events for electric powered old timers and placed high enough during the weeks events where I was awarded the 2004 SAM Grand Electric Champion."

"I flew my Playboys, Gypsies, and Clippers in the events and came in first place in 3 of the events and 3rd in 3 of the events.

So on now to build new airplanes and setups for next years SAM Champs in Las Vegas NV."

Jay also writes in to say that Kent Meglemry has been "upholding the LASS banner " as well:

"By the way one of our new LASS members, Kent Meglemry also flys SAM with
me and flew in his first contest this weekend down at the Lawrenceville MidAmerica airport. He placed second in the Limited Motor Run event in his first contest."

"You notice that flying in some of these events requires a good
chair, I guess we can look at some the SAM flights as being real
"arm chair" flying. By the way, this weekend the Texaco flights were
1 hour and over even to "place" in the event. The winning flight was 1 hour and 40 minutes. That is some mighty long thermal flights, I got
a second in the Texaco event with only a 1 hour 37 min flight."

Congratulations to both Jay and Kent! Thanks for representing LASS!

kent second

Update: Jay sent in some photos from the 2004 SAM Championships.

From Jay:
The first one is Kent and me during the SOS Event the second is a group of us lined up behind some Electric powered Wakefield models. Not only do we fly electric powered models that had been fuel power designs, but in several events we fly models that were rubber power designs. And it seems that at most every Champs we fly the rubber/electric events on the windiest days. These models weigh about 8 to 12 oz and we were flying them in 18 mph winds. Now that's a challenge!

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