November 30, 2004

November 30, 2004

For only the second time in my memory we canceled our night fly. This time it was the rain that put a stop to our madness. With better weather forecast expected for this Saturday we are planning to make another try at flying in the dark. Gathering time is still 6:00pm. Come on out and try flying in the dark with us. We have a Highlander ready for everyone to use if you don’t have an old plane to “sacrifice”.

Sunday proved to be one of those special days when flying was stupidly easy. It started out looking very dreary and not a friendly day for flying. The weather forecast keep saying otherwise. Finally with some egging on I brought out the winch. Soon afterward the sun broke through the overcast and the sky began to SUCK. ALL UP!

It was not long before Gordy, Tony, Eric, Perry, and Tom were all climbing out and quickly becoming tiny specs in the sky. There was one time Gordy had his Pike specked out and his sniffer was saying 1400ft. Right beside him, and at times above him was Tony and his 2 meter Spirit ARF. The problem was Tony’s smaller plane was getting very hard to see. There were times it completely disappeared against a clear blue sky. Thank goodness Tony had installed the spoilers in his Spirit because he twice had to use them to come down to a height where he could at least see the tail again on his plane. But both times in a few minutes he was again a eye straining height. Total flight time was close to 45 minutes while officially he did 35 minutes. How’s your neck doing now Tony?

Fire House meetings are set now for the second Sunday of January, February, and March. Those dates are January 9, February 13, and March 13. Doors open at 12:30 and the meetings are 1:00 � 3:00pm. We have a lot of new members and I am asking if there is anything special you want to cover in the way of training or demonstrations during these meetings? If you have something like that you want covered let me know so I can start making plans.


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