January 04, 2005

January 04, 2005

It was hard to type 2005. Where has the year gone?

It has been a good year for LASS. We have seen an increase in active members as well as weekly participation at the field. A new wrinkle this year for the Thursday evening flying as after the flying was done we invaded, in mass, an area restaurant for more verbal flying.

On the contest circuit we have seen Bruce win the Nat’s again after nearly winning the H/L Invitational in California. I took two trophies at the Nat’s maintaining myself as a bent wing winner in both Nostalgia and RES classes. Gordy, just kept winning everywhere. From Australia to Canada, to all four points of the USA and Europe, Gordy has won or at least made his presence known.

Other LASS members including Ben, Brian, Tony, and Ken all made their first time presence known at regional contest. It is great to see these new faces along with the regular guys traveling out of town and having fun!

Along with the increase activity at the field I have signed up several new guys in LSF this year. Every one that signed up has made at least level 1. Many have almost completed level 2 needing only a few more contests under their belts to complete the level and move on to level 3. Gordy should complete his level 3 in the next month while Ron is only a cross-country trip away from competition of his level 4.

This past Saturday, on New Years Day, Ron, Tony, Gordy, Ken, and myself drove up to Bloomington for the New Years Day Chile Fly. It was not the best day for flying as half way up the launch your plane would disappear in low clouds. It required a lot of caution as planes flew in and out of the fog. Our own Gordy was the winner as well as putting up the longest flight of the day (year� to date?). It was a good time and besides it was all the Chile you could eat.

This Sunday is our first indoors club meeting of the year. This is the meeting we take care of 90% of the official club business for the entire year. The meeting will start at 1:00pm at the McMahan Firehouse on Taylorsville Rd. The doors will open at 12:30. For the new people feel free to bring projects for plenty of free advice.

Here are some of the items on the agenda and open for general discussion.

  • A new event proposal for a club contest (“Day after the Derby” event?)
  • A safety officer (New AMA requirement for 05 charter clubs)
  • Park Flyer planes � any new specific safety rules?
  • Event / Contest Schedule

— Ed

Update: Ron and Ed sent me some photos from the Bloomington contest — you can find them here: 2005.01.01 – Bloomington gallery. (ben)

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