January 11, 2005

January 11, 2005

Those of you that missed our club meeting this past Sunday missed a good productive meeting. Those of you that missed the meeting also need to contact me to see what offices you were elected to.

Our next meeting is February 13. There will be some updates on the 2006 Mid-South that we will be hosting. We will continue a discussion on promoting and advertising our club as well as purchasing club shirts. There will also be continued discussion on safety issues between sailplanes and park flyers. Known contest dates were announced and a club contest schedule was discussed. More details will be covered at the February meeting.

Payments of club dues were due at last Sundays meeting. The fees are still $15 for the year and you can pay your dues at the next meeting or by mailing them to Ron.

The meeting ended in less than an hour with two EPP slope planes being awarded as door prizes.

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