F5x / Speed 400 Class Competition

F5x / Speed 400 Class Competition

Lately, thanks to the spurring by Perry Benningfield, interest in Speed 400 electric sailplanes has been on the rise here at LASS. During our last club meeting we bounced around more ideas for a contest format for Speed 400-class powered sailplanes. It would seem that as long as we don’t get too terribly restrictive on the rules, we should have a fairly well-attended contest come this August.

Brian Kopke pitched in a did some research into the subject, and he has found some pretty good info regarding F5b/speed 400 contest structures and limitations. For your reading pleasure, I submit these links:

So, in short, find yourself a Speed 400 motor, a 7 cell battery pack and plane that can tote it, and get it ready!

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