February 22, 2005

February 22, 2005

The participation at our winter meetings this year has been excellent. There were three different door prize winners at the February meeting. We gave away 2 videotapes and a Maui Hawaii Soaring Club T-Shirt.

It looks like we will run some type of Speed 400 electric event this summer. These inexpensive (under $10) motors mated to a sailplane type of plane will make for a different type of soaring event we can run during off years when we do not have the Mid-South. It has inspired some members to dig out old hand launch models that have been stuffed in the rafters at their homes. With little modification many of these older models can be turned into Speed 400 class models. Stay tuned for more information. We will set the exact date for our contest at our next meeting on March 13.

While I am on the subject of about bringing old planes out of retirement. I went out to Jay Burkart’s home, this past Sunday, to buy a 2-meter plane from Jay. Jay is building a new home this summer, not far from where Bruce Davidson is building his new home. Now Jay gave me some H/L fuselages, a wing, and a dedicated slope plane of about 100″ span. I am going to auction these planes at the next club meeting and all the money from their sale will go back to the club.

Jay is trying to sort out some more planes by the next meeting and will be offering some for sale. Kind of like a pre-moving sale. Make sure you bring some cash to the next meeting.

Make sure you go and open the calendar on our web site. Ben has installed a very good calendar with all the event dates in our area posted every month.

I need about one more week and I will have two 2-meter planes ready for the Nat’s. I will have to wait a month to fly one of the models, as I need special size batteries to fit in the nose. At the Toledo show in April I will get my batteries and will have a primary and back up for all the classes I fly. Several club members have expressed an interest in attending this years Nat’s. If you are thinking of attending you need to get your entry form in soon to assure getting the frequency you need. Go to the LSF web site and download Nat’s entry forms. Go to http://www.silentflight.org and look for Nat’s information.

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