March 1, 2005

March 1, 2005

Below is a note from Hank Gullet. The Lexington club has been working very hard to establish a regular flying site. Especially one with public access. Here is our chance to help our sister club just an hour plus down the road. A good showing will show the local politicans that Sailplanes are NOT power planes and they deserve their own flying site. PR with the local elected officials has been a major sore spot with the soaring club for years . This was because of some incidents that originated from some of the power flyers in Lexington. This left, the powers within the city goverment, a sour taste for model planes in general.

Let’s plan on giving them a good showing from Louisville.

On behalf of the Bluegrass Soaring Society, I am asking the LASS for help to have a good showing of sailplanes for the BSS “Fun Fly” May 15 (12:00 to 5:00 PM) weather permitting at Jacobson Park. We are also planning on a second fun fly on Jun 12 same time and same place. With these two highly visible fun flys we hope to re-energize the membership of the club.

The flying site is the same as the Mid-Am so you can get some practice for our Aug 27-28 contest. We hope to have two winches and two high starts. We have a brochure to hand out and will advertise it on the local TV/newspaper/radio. We also have handed out flyers for all the Recreation Community Notice Boards in Lexington. I am also posting some in Frankfort.

The main theme of this fun fly is to talk to people and encourage public participation in our “recreation”. The Lexington Recreation Director (Jerry Hancock) is really enthused to share all kinds of “recreation” and we are something new…sorta. Let’s hope with a good showing we might even begin flying in the park on a regular basis…

Any and all the help you and the guys from Louisville can provide will be deeply appreciated.

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