Carl Goldberg Endurance 400 (Part 1: Initial Reactions)

Carl Goldberg Endurance 400 (Part 1: Initial Reactions)


At our last club meeting I was asked several times if I had looked at the new 400 class plane be Carl Goldberg. This looked like the perfect plane for our Speed 400 class competition. To make a long story short I bought one to see for myself. This is my observations to date on the plane.

After reading this, continue on to Part 2: Building and Flying

This is a new speed 400 class ARF plane by Carl Goldberg. It includes a can 400 motor with a 3.75 gear ratio planetary gear box already installed into an all fiberglass fuselage. The wing has a 62 inch span and is built up from laser cut balsa ribs. The complete plane is VERY light right from the box. All hardware is included. You basically need a radio with 3 micro servos (HS60 or HS80) size. You also need a 25 amp speed control plus a battery pack.

My Likes


This is well made with no soft spots in the glass like I have seen from other ARF kits. The fuselage has been painted as there were a few pinholes in the paint along the seam line. These were minor. There are pre-cut cooling holes in the nose right behind the spinner to draw air over the motor and exit holes for the air under the wing. Air can also exit through the open tail. The smoked canopy fits very well and includes a preinstalled hook for rubber band hold down. The motor has down and right thrust already built into the fuselage.


The Wing is pre-covered with what looks and feels like Oracover/Ultracoat. The hinge slots are pre cut with a laser in both the wing trailing edge and the ailerons. The wing joiner is a carbon rod not unlike an arrow shaft.

My Dislikes


My motor was loose as delivered. To get to the motor mount you need to remove the spinner/prop assembly. Guess what, I do not have an Allen wrench that will fit the set screw! After about 40 minutes of searching I found in a miniature screwdriver set a star bit driver that fit. It was Craftsman part # 41679 � T6X40 size. This worked perfectly.
After removing the prop assembly I found both motor mount screws loose. I removed the motor assembly and found the gear box was loose to the motor. Plus I found bonus stock of a flat washer stuck to the motor. Now it should be a standard practice to inspect all these parts anyway but I found not having a proper size Allen wrench to be annoying. One should be included with the plane.


PINK! Why PINK? That will be changed soon.
White bottom! Why can�t these manufactures of ARF soaring planes, Planes that are designed to get high in the sky. Insist on using white on the bottom of their planes. Don�t they understand these planes with white bottoms disappear in haze, which is present whenever lift is present? They buy their covering in bulk so cost should not be an issue. I hate seeing people with ARF sailplanes and having to tell them the bottom of the wing needs recovering or stripes to create some contrast on the wing bottom. Just so they don�t loose their plane in lift. It defeats the benefit of buying an ARF.

My right wing had the hinge line cut off center. A pass with a new #11 blade cut a new hinge slot, the width of the blade above the pre cut slot, in the right spot


Except for a few items this is a good kit. Performance reports will have to wait till I get back from Toledo. I am out of small receivers and need a battery pack.


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