LASS Speed 400 F5J Rules Draft!

LASS Speed 400 F5J Rules Draft!

Hey all — after a couple of weeks of discussion and revision, the LASS “F5J Crew” has completed the first public draft of our Speed 400 F5J Competition Rules. You can download the PDF of the rules here: LASS Speed 400 F5J Competition Rules, and that document is currently housed in our “Downloads” section. Also, click the “Read More” link below to just see the text-only version of the rules.

As Ed stated in his last President’s Log, the LASS F5J competition will be on August 7, 2005. In between now and then, we will hopefully have some “practice” contests to really test out the contest structure that we have proposed. So — make sure you have something Speed 400-powered to fly by August! (The Goldberg Endurance 400 Ed reviewed is a great example).

Finally, credit must be given to Perry Benningfield for really getting the ball rolling on doing an electric sailplane competition! He, along with me (Ben Wilson), Brian Kopke and LASS freshman David Gruneisen all contributed to this draft in one way or another.

LASS Electric Sailplane Competition F5J Rules

DRAFT (2005/03/24)

Craft allowed:
		8 cell NiCD / NiMH
		Speed 400 non-replaceable-brush can motor
		Direct-drive or geared
			Note: all equipment limits are "up-to" limits.  
			6,7 or 8 cells are acceptible, as are Speed 280, 300, 380, etc.
	No wingspan limit
	Skegs are optional.

Frequency Control:
	Pilots should have a primary and a backup frequency.  
	These should be made known to the CD before the contest.

	"Clip" system
		We will not be impounding transmitters, however in order to safely turn on your transmitter,
		you must "own the clip" from the frequency board.  No clip = no right to the channel.
		The CD will attempt to alert pilots of frequency conflicts.

	Limited motor run, thermal duration with an in/out landing
		1 minute limited motor run
		10 minute flight
		10' circular landing area.
	Any part of the plane that crosses into the landing area will be counted as an "IN" landing.
	A plane may not flip over or shed parts on landing.  That will be an "OUT" landing.
	Contest Director (CD) may adjust flight goal time according to weather/time.
	600 pts for a 10 minute round
		1 second unpowered flight = 1 point
	100 points for an "IN" landing.  
	Scores for each round will be normalized to 1000 points for the highest scorer(s).
	3 Rounds
	1 Round = 3 Flights
	1 Flight = 1 minute motor run "climbout" and a 10 minute unpowered flight.
	Each round will consist of 3 10 minute flights on one battery charge.
	Dependent on the number of entrants, there may be multiple "flight groups".  
	Each flight group will vary from round-to-round (to ensure everyone flies against everyone else).
	Round 1
		Group A: Bob, Ed, Frank, Robert, Gene
		Group B: Allan, Charlie, Will, Dave
		Flight 1 / Group A
		Flight 1 / Group B
		Flight 2 / Group A
		Flight 2 / Group B
		Flight 3 / Group A
		Flight 3 / Group B
	Round 2
		Group A: Bob, Charlie, Robert, Dave
		Group B: Allan, Ed, Will, Gene

		(flight schedule the same as above)

	One optional final round will be an All-Up Last Down round.  
	No precision landing, 1 minute motor run, 1 second = 1 point. Scores will be normalized.

	All normalized scores will be tallied at the end of the day.
	The lead scorer will be crowned champ.
	A prize for the winner of the AULD contest may also be awarded.

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