Report from the 51st Weak Signals Toledo Hobby Show

Report from the 51st Weak Signals Toledo Hobby Show

Last weekend was the 51st Weak Signals Hobby Show up in Toledo, Ohio. A whole cadre of LASS members went up there, and some have sent back photos and reports. President Ed has sent me a bunch of photos from the Toledo Hobby Show, and I have posted them in the Toledo Hobby Show gallery.

Gordy went up to the show to help out Kennedy Composites, who sold the heck out of the AVA RES and Blaster DLG models. However, it would seem that the real sales champ that weekend was the Sombra Labs “SHADOW 3” fully-synthesized receiver! Other models debuted, including the “Fling DLG” (see Ed’s photos).

Jay Burkhart chimed in to give us this short summary:

Friday was good to great for Old Guys day. I can say that since I’m an old guy. Saturday was slow and weak for the $$$$. Sunday sucked, the dealers were buying from each other. The only other time I’ve seen it this bad was back in 1991 when the Gulf war was on. Sure don’t know where all the people were.

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