PT-17 Stearman Ride

PT-17 Stearman Ride

Tony writes in…

Megan and I had the extreme pleasure of riding in a 1942 Stearman PT-17. We caught the ride out at Bowman Field. Megan’s trip was out over the Ohio and mine was out to J-Town. We both loved the adventure. While I have been in a Cessna and many a commercial flight it was nothing compared to an open cockpit. The plane is owned by American Aviation Academy 459 9960. A 15 minute flight is 49 and a 30 minute is 90. The 30 minute is what I did but I believe I could have done it all day.

I hope you enjoy the pics.

Tony and Megan took some great aerial photos, specifically of their house and of the LASS field (awesome!).

I have posted the pictures in the 2005 .04.16 – Stearman Ride gallery. Check ’em out!

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