April 20, 2005

April 20, 2005

A few quick notes.

The Day After the Derby Fun Fly is being rescheduled for May 1. This change is because the original date of May 8 is Mothers Day. Sorry about the short notice but we only discovered this the other day. Starting time is still noon.

We are still planning to have a cookout along with the flying. If you want to bring a desert or salad item please let me know so I won’t duplicate purchases.

I will forward this note onto the Lexington and Bloomington Clubs as they are invited to join in. With so many flyers needing LSF contest points we need everyone to turn out and fly.

The Sunday flying the last few weekends has seen a very good turnout. I have been showing up around 11:00 am so come out a little earlier the lift has already started.

I have been asked several times about the Thursday evening flying. A reminder we cannot start till June, as we must wait for the t-ball leagues to end. These usually coincide with the end of school. We should have the field for Thursday evenings starting June 2.

A reminder June 1 is the cut off for entries to both the Nat’s and the Mid-South. If you have not entered yet the time is getting short. If someone needs a ride I have a seat open in my truck for both competitions. We can save on gas expenses.

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