May 16, 2005

May 16, 2005

Gordy finally did it. Yesterday he got his one hour LSF flight in front of a combined LASS and BSS members.

Yesterday four LASS members made a visit to Lexington to fun fly with the BSSers. Even though we had some wind yesterday the air produced good steady lift. I got one flight of 15 minutes while never going much above launch height. All I had to do was hop from one bubble to another as they raced across the field. Ron Allen and Tony Utley both found some good air on several of their flights.

Next weekend is the start of the OVSS series in Cincinnati. I will be there both Saturday and Sunday. Reading the activity on the Internet It looks like there will be a good turnout for two days of Man on Man type of competition. The contest is held at the mile square park that used to be the Voice of America broadcast site. There is a sportsman as well as expert classes flown both days. With a separate contest each day it would be a good time to get a lot of LSF points for your contest requirements.

A last reminder the cut off for Mid-South and Nat’s entries is fast approaching with the first of June.

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