Cincinatti Memorial Contest (OVSS #1)

Cincinatti Memorial Contest (OVSS #1)


The Cincinatti Soaring League hosted their annual “Memorial Contest”, the first contest in the Ohio Valley Soaring Series.

Ed, Ron, Gordy, Tony (and son Graham) took part, and Tony took some photos, which I have posted in the 2005.05.21 – Cinci Contest gallery.

Ed Wilson

The scores haven’t been posted yet, but I do know that our own Ed Wilson took top prize in the overall for both days! Congrats, Ed!

Also of note is that Tony got his second 15-minute LSF Level II flight in, so now he’s only lacking some landings and contest points. Keep up the good work, Tony!

Update: Ed has sent in a full report of the action at Cinci this weekend! Read on for the whole thing!

Further Update: Jim Bacus has posted a number of great photos from the contest in his OVSS #1 2005 gallery.

From Ed:

This past weekend the Cincinnati club opened up the OVSS series for 05 with their two day Memorial Contest.

On Saturday Ron Allen, Gordy, Tony Utley and myself drove up to fly. With a total forty contestants signed up to fly, it promised to be a good day. Weather for the day started off with haze pointing out the thermals. The CD kept extending the flight times to challenge the pilots. Later in the day a clear sky made thermal hunting a real challenge.

Gordy and I pretty much stayed on the leader board all day with Gordy holding down the #1 spot and I had the #6 or last spot almost all day. Tony did very well for his first major contest. He will tell you there were some nerves but all in all Tony learned a lot and did well for the first time out. For the last flight of the day the task was 15 minutes. Tony nailed the time to the second and got a good landing as well. It gets easier Tony!

Ron struggled for the day as a pilot but as my timer he helped me not only make my times but after 6 rounds of flying I only dropped 6 seconds total to the target time for the whole day.
When it came down to the last group of the day and the task was 15 minutes. Gordy and I had to fly against each other. Gordy had the #1 winch and I was on #6. Between us were four of the best pilots in our region all trying to get a win. Gordy launched first and struck out to the right on his own looking for lift. The pack of four launched and went basically straight out. I launched and went left, out over the houses playing a hunch. Gordy found no lift and wound up scratching for any air he could get. The pack stayed together and slowly sank in the mostly neutral air. Ron watched the pack as I stayed out over the houses. I was doing no better and more importantly no worst than everyone else. I kept ridding small bubbles that petered out downwind only to cruse back upwind to catch another one and do the same. Suddenly though I hit a strong thermal. My sniffer did not go beep-beep-beep but went eeeeeeeeeeek! I had the Evolution on a wing tip spinning up so fast you would have thought I had a motor. I was at 1300ft in seconds. It happened so fast most of the guys in the pack did not see it. It was not till they were landing at 14 minutes did many realize I had the altitude to burn and I alone in the whole group got the full 15 minute target time, while everyone else was a minute short. That flight propelled me from six place to third for the day while Gordy hung on and collected wood for fifth place.

Sunday was totally different. The weather was overcast and even a few brief rain showers were the order of the day. Target flight times were a long 11 minutes. One group would go up and make the 11minute task. The next group no one could do better than 3 minutes. You just never knew what air was there.

I hung on to the #6 spot on the leader board again all day but there was no heroics in the end to move up to the top five and wood. But wait it does not end there. Before I could put my plane away I was called back to the flight line there is a tie for fifth. Steve Stebenhauer and I will have a 9 minute head to head fly off for fifth. Not to drag this out any more Steve and I both make our times exactly to the second but I lost in the landing circle. No wood for me, Right! Wrong, because as the awards are passed out I it was announced I had won the Overall Championship for the whole weekend. I was stunned. I had no ideal. Along with the trophy I received two JR 368 digital servos.

Thanks Cincinnati, thanks JR, thanks Ron it was a great weekend.

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