Summer Contest Registration Deadlines / IHLGF 2005

Summer Contest Registration Deadlines / IHLGF 2005

A couple of major contest deadlines are looming!

MidSouth Soaring Champs
Registration Deadline: June 8th, 2005.
You can register online here:

2005 Soaring NATS Registration Deadline: June 15, 2005.
You MUST enter by MAIL w/ full payment.
Fill out the registration form and send it in.

2005 NATS Schedule:
Fri July 22: Handlaunch
Sat July 23: F3J
Sun July 24: F3J
Mon July 25: 2-meter / HL Golf
Tue July 26: 2-meter / HL Golf
Wed July 27: Unlimited
Thu July 28: Unlimited
Fri July 29: RES/Nostalgia

Lastly, I think Ken & Bruce are leaving for the 2005 International Handlaunch Glider Festival today! Something insane like 90 pilots will be there! And, our man Bruce will be participating in the Discus Style Launch Clinic. He’ll be doing a presentation on the HLG pilot’s toolbox (if memory serves).

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