Home from a REAL soaring contest (IHLGF 2005)

Home from a REAL soaring contest (IHLGF 2005)

I just got home from another excellent soaring adventure kicked off at the IHLGF. It was 6 days of soaring with friends in SoCal, what a blast. The long version follows…

Things got started for me on Thursday morning. I carried on JR 8103 radios in my case and a backpack over the shoulder, also checked a sportube full of XP-4’s and a bag with no trouble, harassment or extra fees, I flew Northwest. I met my flying buddy, Ken Marks in San Diego and after a quick stop at the
FedEx to pick up a sport tube full of slopers we headed to the flying field.

We got to the Poway field around 2 and I pulled out the hand launchers for a quick inspection and charge. The sky looked like it was gonna spit rain any minute, the wind was blowing and it was cold enough for long sleeves. It was great fun seeing old friends and making new ones. After walking and talking the flight line for a bit I grabbed my back up for the backup and headed to the field. Even with the overcast and cold conditions the thermals were popping like crazy, I love that field. We flew until sunset and grabbed Mexican dinner with friends to finish the day.

Friday started with open flying. I got there early and flew each of my planes 20-30 times and put em away. At noon the DLG clinic got started with great attendance. I think this is a great idea but was on a different side of the fence than most:-0. Afterwards the field was available for open flying. Ended that day at the hamburger joint with friends.

Saturday we flew 6 rounds and I put up about 21 flights. With one really bad round, landed out, and another just bad round I finished several spots out of the top 10. I knew Sunday I was gonna have to bring my A game. We finished
the day at the pizza joint with friends.

Sunday turned out nice, In 20 flights I made fewer mistakes than most others and managed to get myself into the finals in 10th place. In the finals conditions were tough with wind and really light thermals, Most of us put up 12 flights. In the first round I flew a 2 minute flight without turning or making forward motion! I was throwing hard. When things shook out I had climbed to
5th place for some wood. I flew the XP-4 from www.polecataero.com all weekend. Our day ended at the Japanese buffet with friends.

As always the contest was not short of people making sure everything went smoothly. Thank you to the TPG Gulls and their sponsors for letting me fight it out with my flying buddies all weekend.

You say you like flying in soaring contests? Over the weekend I flew 53 flights against 90 contestants. That means TPG organized over 4770 launches and landings. Not a single popoff or line break:-) Check out http://www.torreypinesgulls.org/index.html

Monday morning we headed to Parker for excellent conditions where I took out
the all carbon Pike WR for some pretty fast DS runs. The Mini JW from
www.bowmanshobbies.com was easy to build in the hotel and flew great. I think
everyone got to take a turn bouncing it off the hill once or twice. We had quite a
crowd out there. Ended that day at the Mexican joint with friends.

Tuesday I shipped my handlaunch Sportube home in the morning and we hit the hill. Parker was met with light conditions so we had an early lunch. Things got started soon and we broke out the planes. After a few hours we decided to
give Vincent a try so we switched mountains. Fly, fly, fly and then packed up to start the journey home.

Yea, what a great time, post those pictures and videos.

Bruce Davidson
Louisville, KY

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