2005 Mid-South Report

2005 Mid-South Report

LASS Crew at 2005 Mid-South

Another Mid-South Soaring Contest has come and gone! This year it was held by the North Atlanta Soaring Association (NASA) and was three days of soaring – handlaunch, RES and Unlimited.

Gordy, Tony and Ed headed down-south as the LASS contingent. Friday was handlaunch and RES, Saturday and Sunday were both unlimited thermal duration. In the end, Ed ended up in 12th out of 26 in RES and had a 12th and 7th place finish in unlimited. Gordy got wood with 4th and 2nd place finishes on Saturday and Sunday!

Check out the 2005 Mid-South Gallery. Thanks to Tony for the photos! “Read more” for Gordy’s accounts from all three days…

Midsouth went south for Tony today :-( (Friday)

Today was RES, Ed has his trusty Nats winning ship all retuned and covered, but alas it wasn’t his day to be a hero with it.

Tony actually had better early scores than Ed with his Little Bird 2m…but in a round I was timing for him, he got low and behind a tree line and ticked a branched.

The plane spun into group of trees and I decided to take the radio with hopes of flying it out of the trouble. I managed to drive it back toward the field side of a river, but it must have hit the tree line along side the river and ended up IN the river…which was calm and still.

The tree line was a tangle of briar, poison ivy and vines. With almost no view of the river and a deep sharp bank to its edge.

A warning buzzer sounded up river which we found was a warning that a dam was going to be opened….and the calm lazy river went to about 20mph.

Tony persisted, pretty cut up from fighting his way to the edges in the search and actually spotted a wing tip very partially sticking out of the water near a submerged log…with a lot of water pressure trying to tear it loose.

We made it in to the edge near by, and out on a leaning tree just past the submerged plane…to cast a piece of bent flat stock lead on a string to hook it loose.

That broke the tail boom and of course it was water logged…and now floating along the rivers edge.

Tony made his way down and captured it to save the servos and radio.!

Tomorrow is unlimited and accounts say about 60 entries.

Fly’n Brian isn’t here so that means one of the countries best thumbs is absent….
Me? Going for wood of course. :-) My pieced together Volz Powered Pike is flying well, so hopefully we can put up some good flights and landings.

Tough comp in any case. Doug Barry, Rick Eckles, Paul Perret,..the Tullahoma team, well lots of excellent pilots are going to do all they can to make soaring history at the MidSouth Soaring Championships.

Midsouth was very spec–ialed to today! (Saturday)

We got off to a great start and a bunch of hot thumbs.

At the end of 5 rounds Randy, Herb and Jon Stone I think are in the top three. Bernie Coleman was second but drew a zero for extending past a no fly soccer zone.

6 round was a chance to make up for a bad one (I had one bad enough to keep me out of the win:-(, So there will be a throw out round which will put Bernie back up cuz he put in a perfect flight and landing, as did I and others.

So results will be announced later at tonites baquet. I got one 60 and one 75 landing today and that’s wayyyyy to much to leave on the field with this group. Kendal McDonald may be king too, so stand by :-)

Midsouth was tight today (Saturday)

Jon Stone got first for his LSF5 finish…poor guy nothing to look forward to now.

There were 40 points between 4th and 1rst.
The Throw out round really shook up the top. Kendal Mc D, was in first without the throw out with really good scores, but that last round allowed a lot of us top place guys to leap frog above him. Kendal is flying a V tail with organic wings, Jon flew an Icon, Bernie a Sharon Xtail and me, Volz Powered Pike Superior Xtail of course :-)

Ed Wilson, past LSFVP and LSF5, is easily the most improved Unlimited pilot that I know and he blames it on the little know Evolution…an amazing aircraft I am going to say is equal to the Icon, Pike and Sharon. I know for a fact that it out launches my Pike using the Pic for reporting.

Bernie Coleman was doing great til he got a zero but like me put in a fantastic make up round to shoot back up to 2nd. Tremendous thumbing by the way from Bernie and his Sharon x tail. He did things behind the tree line that would have made lesser men shudder and did in order to make time. It was a thing to see.

I was fortunate to have had a hand in both their success having nimbly supplied time for each on key rounds.:-)

Me? Well I flew well but just left too many points at the landing tape. One 60 and one 75, 90’s and 95’s just doesn’t get it at this level of soaring skills. I had excellent timing from Jon Stone, Paul Perret, Glenn Dean and well all my timers. They gave me time, and its what I wanted. And they watched other planes up wind when I was deep down to make sure I came back in the best possible air lanes.

The trophies were hand made cut glass, and with a molded Schweitzer in a wire at the top…compliments of Randy Chronic.

AJ, Tim, Buddy and the entire crew acted like modelers, not the sometimes over eager unbending officials seen at a few other events…so there was no yelling or correcting or well, lets just say they kept perspective and it made the whole thing roll along with smiles.

Dinner was Cajun much to the delight of many, especially our own soaring Cajum, Paul Perret. Its was incredibly tasty and all ate too much and most will be remembering it into the nite :-)

Tomorrow is gonna be a different day. Winds are supposed to be up to 15 and chances of thunderstorms in the afternoon will mean a definite change.

MidSouth? Brought my D and B games :-)


Well it misted…off and on but mostly on. Ceiling was just above full launch height, air was buoyant and still you could get stuff if you made the wrong moves which many did…as in circling.

Man on Man and man o man….

We got three rounds in….so its an official LSF’r :-)

10min rounds all weekend and some rounds got them, but I never got passed 7 something.

My landings were 100, 100, 95 and it wasn’t enough to beat Don Cleveland’s AVA! Well what got me was a mistake…I covered the wrong plane in the last round and that lost me 40 seconds on the last plane down, and somehow that normalized to 70 points in the mysterious convolutions of the computer’s mind :-)

Don and I never flew in the same round today, but likely it wouldn’t have made a difference cuz he’s an excellent stick flying any plane. I think he put a hurt’n on yesterday’s heroes though :-)

Dave Cousins out of Huntsville did me in with a Compulsion and a right turn that I turned left at :-( He ended it with a 100 landing too! :-)

Okay I flew my Volz Powered Pike (repaired components from Denver’s dead two :-), Yesterday and today Jon Stone flew a Fusion from NSP (often referred to as the ‘bagged’ Icon), Kendal flew a V tail Artemis both days and was tough again today.

Chuck Anderson put some terrific flights in both days too but it got tooo hard to see today so decided to go home with his plane in tack and with him, versus in the woods or river. Yesterday a second plane got lost behind the trees, either in the river or in a gated community that doesn’t allow plane finding, it belonged to Rob out of Knoxville.

Our own ‘young’ Tony (Louisville Area Soaring Society’s up and comer) also went home with his Falcon 880 in tack, but minus his LiL Bird and a crashed Blaster (tail boom damage), but smarter and stronger for having flown with a ton of Southern talent. LASS club President, LSF5, and past LSF VP Ed Wilson flew his Evolution to near wood again today but got caught in heavier fog than some of the other rounds and ended up 7th.

The entire event never skipped a beat even with a couple of mist delays today, the equipment worked its butt off and I don’t think there was a line break during the contest.

Sure wish you all could have been there …to see me accept 4th and 2nd wood :-)

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