Speed 400 F5J Results!

Speed 400 F5J Results!


We held our Speed 400 F5J Contest yesterday (Sunday) and it was a modest success! I had hoped to get anywhere between 6 and 10 pilots, and we got 8. We even had a few interested spectators who had heard about our contest via our flyers or the website. Good to hear that we are being heard.

In order to have enough people to time, we split into two flight-groups which were randomly shuffled. The task was a 10 minute thermal duration flight with an in/out landing worth 50 points (originally 100 points, but modified day-of contest).

There were many different models represented, from the Niagara Frontier’s Poly Pulsar, to the Polecat Aero Wind Dancer, to a pair of Goldberg Endurance 400’s, to the Multiplex Easy Glider.

We flew four rounds in about 4 hours (with some generous down-time in between rounds), and finally had an all-up, last-down “raffle round” for a Great Planes FlatOut 3D kit.


In the end, it was Tom Hall with his Pulsar that put a hurtin’ on us all. He was perfect the entire day. In second place flying a Wind Dancer was Perry Benningfield. In third place was Ben Wilson (me!) flying a converted Pro Dartar handlaunch plane. Winner of the all-up, last-down contest was John Dobbins flying an Ascent.

This contest was an excellent learning experience for us all and I hope this will become an yearly event for us. The Speed 400 F5J class is one that allows for many different models and levels of flying skill. And now that we have had the Speed 400 F5J “experience”, we will
certainly look to next year to make a bigger, better contest!

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Photos were taken by Ed Wilson and Tony Utley. You can find them all here: 2005.08.07 – LASS Speed 400 F5J Gallery.

Update: I’ve now posted the results: 2005 LASS Speed 400 F5J Results, which you can also find under the “Downloads” section. The results also includes a listing of each pilot and the ship he flew.

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