2005 BSS Mid-Am Report!

2005 BSS Mid-Am Report!

Last weekend, the Bluegrass Soaring Society hosted the 29th annual Mid-America Soaring Championships in Lexington, Kentucky at Jacobson Park. Attendance was down a bit from last year (17 on Saturday, 16 on Sunday), but nonetheless a good competition was had.

Pictures are here: 2005.08.27 – BSS Mid-America Lexington, KY gallery.

Read on for a full account…

Black Cloud

Saturday was mostly overcast with only a hint of rain with some good sunshine later in the day. Sunday was a real humid scorcher with changing weather and a storm front that rolled through late in the day. 5 round were flown on Saturday, 4 on Sunday. Both unlimited and RES were flown, with expert and sportsman classes as well.

The LASS group did well on Saturday — Gordy was edged out of first place unlimited expert on Saturday (by 8 points!) by Paul Siegel, managing a strong 2nd. Tony Utley snatched up some wood in the sporstman RES competition, and I took wood in both unlimited and RES sportsman. Ed and Ron both had some great flights – leading rounds here and there, but eventually fell victim to some of the heinous sink that this field can randomly generate. I’ll tell you that what success I did have was due to the excellent timing I had in the form of Ed, Gordy and Tony! Also, Ed was feeling bad so he let me fly his beautiful Southern Kite in the RES competition. Awesome!

Sunday, hot and humid with variable winds was a challenging day to fly. Some great lift in the first two rounds was balanced by soft air in the final two rounds. It was truly a landing competition in the first two rounds with nearly all pilots getting their times. Ron, Ed, and myself had some great flights and even better landings in these first couple of rounds. Wish I could say the same for the final two rounds! Not being man-on-man, sandbagging was the order of the day after the 2nd round. For those who launched in the lift cycle, it was easy. For those who didn’t (read: me), it was shameful. I posted back-to-back sub-four-minute rounds, once getting a zero landing. In the end both Tony and I ended up in the wood for unlimited Sportsman, but the real story of the day is Gordy snatching up both top prizes in Unlimited and RES! Coming from a bad RES day on Saturday, he really kicked out the RES jams on Sunday with some really great flights. He even professed a little love for the oft-maligned RES class. Brought a tear to my eye, it did!

In the end, top expert for both days went to Paul Siegel who was consistently dominant in both Unlimited and RES. Top sportsman (unlimited only) went to Lexington’s own Hank Gullet. He managed 6th on Saturday but 1st on Sunday! Winners were given JR servos, and Marc Gellart tossed a bunch of JR freebies out to the crowd.

Everyone went home with their planes in as many pieces as they had arrived, and despite early winch snafus, the contest went smoothly. Much thanks to AJ Bhattacharyya (Saturday CD), Frank Foster (Sunday CD), and of course Buzz the Winch Master.

Full results should be available on the Bluegrass Soaring Society site soon.

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