2005 LOFT/MIST Fall Round-Up (OVSS #8)

2005 LOFT/MIST Fall Round-Up (OVSS #8)

The LOFT/MIST 2005 Fall Round-Up (OVSS #8) was held last weekend, October 1st and 2nd 2005 at the AMA flying site in Muncie, Indiana. A few LASS members (Tony, Ed and myself) made the trip up north to join in the fun.

Tony went up for both days, and Ed and myself went up for Sunday only. Oh! And how could I forget? We also took along our newest club-member and soaring protege Lee along with us! He was excited to see his first soaring contest.

Tony wood

Saturday, Tony did really well and placed 16th overall, and captured 3rd-place wood in the Sportsman class! Way to go, Tony!

Sad to say, but the LASS crew didn’t fare very well at all on Sunday — I ended up on top of the Louisville crew in 28th place out of 34! The air was *real* challenging with some seriously heinous sink-cycles (reminiscent of Handlaunch and 2-meter at the NATS). Tony landed out-of-bounds a couple of times (once in the beans), Ed got hammered with sink a time or two, and I had only flown my mantis for an hour on Thursday before flying it on Sunday! Nonetheless, and excellent day of soaring.

In the end, Rich Burnowski from Chi-town took top honors in the Masters class, and Bob Burnson took top honors in the sportsman class. The real “big wood” of the day, the Remus Trophy for the overall OVSS winner, was taken narrowly by Marc Gellart over Jim Bacus by 11 points! And Marc had even given up Saturday to represent us all at Mike Remus’ funeral. Couldn’t have gone to a nicer guy! Congrats all!

Ed, Tony and I all took photos, and you can see them here: 2005.10.02 – LOFT/MIST Fall Round-up gallery.

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