First slope day of the season!

First slope day of the season!

Slope season is now officially upon us here in Kentucky! Last Saturday, we had good southwest wind and a few of us made it out to the Frankfort Slope to get our slope addiction fed. We took some photos and videos and you can see them here: 2005.11.05 – Frankfort Slope gallery.

A few videos in there as well — Gordy DS’ing his Easy Glider and Paul
Siegel tearing up the backside with his Trinity DS. And, of course,
there were some WindRider Bats.

Man, this slope never fails to impress… the wind forecast was only for
10 MPH, but the bowl-shaped “Trumbo Bottom” carved out by the Kentucky
River focuses and amplifies the winds. Ed Wilson remarked that this
was “some of the best lift [he’d] ever seen on this slope”. The real
capper to the day was that we were just past the peak of the “fall
color” season, so the valley was on fire with reds, yellows and oranges.

Our newest soaring protege’, 9-year-old Lee had his first slope flights
on Saturday as well. Seeing him handling the Easy Glider on the
frontside with ease, I handed him the controls to my CombatWings XR…
and he did very well! By the end of a half-hour session he was already
doing loops and rolls! Be on the watch for this kid in the very near

I know you all hear those of us with WindRider Bats talk about them all
the time — but there is good reason for that. I tree’d my Bat three
(3) different times, slammed it into the hill a terminal speeds a
half-dozen times and even knocked off my vertical stab and it just kept
flying. Amazing. As long as you have metal-gear servos you’ll be set!

If you live within a few hours of us, keep an eye out on the wind
forecast for Frankfort and come join us on a south or south-west weekend.

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