November 21, 2005

November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving is here and that means one thing: IT’S NIGHT FLY TIME!!

In the past we have flown in rain, wind, and low ceilings. But I don’t want to push our luck. This coming Friday the weather forecast is for SNOW! But Saturdays forecast is for cloudy but (slightly) warmer temperatures. With that in mind we will plan on flying our annual “UFOs Over J-Town Night Fly” this Saturday evening. We will gather at 6:00pm and fly for about 2 hours. We have plenty of chemical lights so bring you planes and try it. You will be surprised how easy it is to fly in the dark.

Congratulations must go out to Tony Utley as he asked Megan to marry him. She said yes! Personally I knew it had to happen. Megan can fix Tony’s planes better than he can and besides you know how hard it is to find a good (looking) mechanic today. (Megan will make me pay for that)

For those of you that have not made it to Frankfort to fly the slope you really need to keep an eye on the winds and a plane charged. (Take a look at the Frankfort Slope page for info and forecasts –ben) We have had two Saturdays in a row recently the wind was up and blowing out of the south and south west for perfect sloping weather. Everything was being flown from Spirits, to special purpose slope planes, and our flying wing Bats. Go to our picture pages and look at the recent pictures from the slope. It really is different but a lot of fun.

We will have confirmation soon. The winter meetings will be at the Firehouse on the second Sunday in January, February, and March. The Mid-South will be held on June 30 July 1-2 at Hays-Kennedy Park out off River Road near Prospect.

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