November 29, 2005

November 29, 2005

“It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly a shot rang out!” (Snoopy writing his book).

It was dark. There was no storm. Absolutely NO shots rang out. It was cold but not too bad. There was excitement and most of you missed it!

Gordy, Tony, Eric, Lee, and myself all flew Saturday evening in our annual “UFOs over J-Town” night fly. Tony flew his Spirit while Gordy flew his electric foamy. I brought out a Highlander that I had stripped down to the tape layer, repaired and recovered.

There was a low cloud base, which made it a little harder to see as it reflected the city lights making the sky a grey not black, which is preferred. It did not stop the flying. Tony made several nice flights even finding lift out over the center of the field for an 8-10 minute flight. Gordys electric plane flew great but a problem with the gearbox (stripped pinion gear?) put a stop to his flying after using up only one battery pack.

I brought along a rebuilt Highlander as I mentioned before. After a very squirrelly launch and a cartwheel on the ground we began to get it trimmed. Launches are very unpredictable but several flights were made. After passing the plane around through several hands Gordy took his turn.

Now Gordy will tell you he is NOT a RES pilot and his flying proves it. He had a rough launch. Popped off the winch way off to the right and never got the plane stabilized. A stall and diving spiral put the plane into a tree about 40 feet above the road near the intersection.

Eric had his truck with him, which meant he had his work ladders. It took about 20 minutes to get the plane dislodged and back safely onto the ground. Visualize for a moment we have all our vehicles parked in the grass all around the intersection. We are all still milling around putting away the plane and rescue items. What pulls up but a police car! Now you know what he was thinking. Just checking out a UFO report. I climbed into my truck and scurried home.
(Snoopy continued) “Suddenly a pirate ship appeared!”

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