President’s Log: November, 2006

President’s Log: November, 2006

It’s been a while since I have submitted something for the LASS web site. Ben has done such a good job I have been letting him do most of the work. Thanks Ben!

As a way of catching up let me start with some of the more recent activities and go backwards in time. As of today (11/26/06) our own Gordy has completed his LSF level 5 contest wins. The well traveled Gordy got both of his last two wins flying in the Tangerine soaring contest in Florida over Thanksgiving weekend. He took first both days flying in unlimited class. Congratulations go out to Gordy for completing what is to most people the hardest task toward achieving Level 5.

Gordy got his wins the same weekend the rest of the club stayed home and flew in the dark in our annual “UFOs over J-Town”. We had seven pilots meet in the dark at Vettner. Three pilots were from the Lexington club just to prove the Louisville guys are not the only ones that are a little unscrewed at the socket.

Using a short winch line there were a lot of flights made. Most successfully! I am not going to single anyone out but there were several “strong” landings and one brush with a tree plus several electric flights for a little variety. Note do NOT bring your best plane to one of these.

During the evening someone (hard to tell who in the dark) gave a new meaning to the letters UFO. They now stand for Unlighted Flying Objects. Our own Ben Wilson was the exception. For less than $5 Ben had purchased a battery powered set of LED Christmas lights. The low power consumption of these LEDs worked very well in the dark. The 25 light string allowed Ben to run the lights down the wing, along the fuselage to the tail, back up the fuselage, and on out to the tip of the other wing. There were people stopping their cars as they drove through the park just to see what this object was in the air. I must say the lights were VERY bright. After this success expect to see more of these LED lights at our next night fly. When we were done flying we retired in mass to eat Mexican in J-town.

Backing up further in time to the first weekend in November, Cincinnati hosted their annual Pumpkin Fly. Some conflicts and other issues caused the club to push back the contest into November, instead of the usual October dates. Driving up on Saturday morning Lee and I were in and out of light rain, fog, and a cold wind. Now Lee only needs two more point scoring contest to complete his LSF level 2. Driving up in that weather I just did not have the heart to freeze my tail off to fly in a contest that day. So before we got to our exit I had decided to continue on to Wright Patterson AFB and visit the Air Force Museum. A place Lee has never seen before.

If you have never made the trip to Wright Patterson and toured the museum you are missing one of the best aviation historical sites in the country. There is so much to see you can not do it justice in one full day. We did try though.

Sunday’s weather forecast showed promise of some improvement. It was still cold but the rain was gone. Local LASS flyers there to fly were Lee, Gordy, Ben, myself, and Bruce Davidson.

The trio of Ben, Gordy, and Bruce stayed in the leader group all day while I staked out a spot in the next group just lurking a spot or two below the leader board. Lee was struggling with flight times with his Olympic 2. Switching to his 2-meter Sagitta about half way through the day Lee began to put in some maxes and finished strong.

It was so tight between pilots on the leader board that if anyone could break away and max out over the other pilots in the group they would likely win. As it was that is what did happen. I had maxed out my group before the leading group flew sitting myself in a position to move up in case one of the leaders stumbled in the last group. Mark Gellart launched and turned downwind and went for broke after a thermal that my group had worked earlier. Everyone else went looking upwind for new air. It was not there. At four minutes several pilots were looking for the landing zone. Finally it was Mark, the only plane in the air, putting a major hurt on all the leaders. When it was done Mark had won. Gordy was second. I moved from 8 place to third just beating Ben by 10 points who got 4th. The loser here was Bruce who fell from second to 9th.

Note awards went to 5th place and LASS flyers took second thru fourth. Not a bad weekend.

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