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Winter Meetings are Set!

Winter Meetings are Set!

For now we will have two meetings this winter at the McMahan Firehouse on Taylorsville Rd.

The dates are January 14 2007 and February 11 2007.

Doors open at 12:30.

Although guys bring items to sell at most meetings we will have a swap meet scheduled for the February meeting.

We need as many members as possible in January to discuss special activities the comming season.

Frankfort Sloping!

Frankfort Sloping!


Last Sunday (December 17th), the LASS crew headed for the Frankfort Slope. A group of about 10 guys from around Kentucky, Ohio and even Tennessee sloped in light to moderate conditions. Tom Hill came up from Knoxville (I think) and brought along a bunch of DS machines. Dave Smith from Versailles cranked out his Halfpipe on the frontside and Gordy brought out his trusty RnR Synergy to rip some 3-meter DS laps. LASS’ own Tony Utley pushed the technological envelope with some aerial photography!


Speaking of photos, there are some photos here: 2006.12.17 – Frankfort!

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A boy, a goat, and a Photon

A boy, a goat, and a Photon


Seems that LASS regular and handlaunch enthusiast Brian Kopke got together with fellow DLG-flinger Bruce Davidson and flew out at Bruce’s “ranch” in Shelbyville a few weeks ago. One of them returned home one plane shy of a quiver.

Brian got his Photon II discus-launched glider caught in the tallest tree on the lot. Repeated attempts to extract the plane have been fruitless. Bruce has sent in some photos to attest to it’s predicament as his goat (“Nickolas”) and his pygmy donkey (“Lucy”) stand guard.