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OVSS #7: Mid-Am Champs comes to Louisville!

OVSS #7: Mid-Am Champs comes to Louisville!

TRAVEL UPDATE: River Road will be shut down to LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY on SUNDAY. More info on the Mid-Am Champs page!

For the first time in it’s 30-plus years, the Mid-Am Champs is coming to Louisville. Normally held in Lexington, the BSS Club has given us the opportunity to host this storied competition. We’re making a slight change, though – this year the Mid-Am Champs will be fully man-on-man, just like the rest of the Ohio Valley Soaring Series (OVSS) competitions. Don’t know what “man-on-man” competition is? Check out this: Basic Guidelines for True Seeded Man-on-Man competition.

We’ll be holding this year’s Mid-Am at the site of last year’s Mid-South Soaring Champs – beautiful Hays-Kennedy Park in northeast Louisville, right by the river.

RES on Friday and then two days of Unlimited on Saturday and Sunday. All the info you’ll need is here:

2007 Mid-Am Soaring Championship

Paul Siegel at the 2005 BSS Mid-Am

We’re at the 2007 NATS!

We’re at the 2007 NATS!

That’s right, folks! It’s time for the 2007 AMA/LSF Soaring Nationals in beautiful Muncie, IN at the AMA Headquarters. There are 4 pilots from Louisville competing in this week-long marathon of RC Soaring! Handlaunch is Sunday, along with Nostalgia. Rudder/Elevator/Spoiler (RES) is Monday, 2-meter is Tuesday and Wednesday, Unlimited is Thursday and Friday and F3J is Saturday and Sunday.

Ben Wilson is covering the Soaring NATS for the AMA’s NATSNews daily publication.

View our 2007 NATS Photos (updated daily, hopefully!)

Live(ish) updates on RCGroups: The Road to the 2007 NATS

Update: Ryan Woebkenberg has made a report on the NOS NATS: 2007 Nostalgia Nationals.

Update: Unlimited Final Scores. F3J Preliminary and Final Scores.

2007 AMA/LSF Soaring Nationals Unlimited Winners