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A visit to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation

A visit to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation


I recently returned from a short trip to Gatlinburg. After going on weekends for years I learned this trip I will never do the weekend thing again. A totally different place to visit and shop in during the week verses the weekend.

After several years of wanting to I was finally able to visit the “Tennessee Museum of Aviation” in Sevierville. The museum is located at the Sevierville airport just about three miles out of the center of town. Admission is $12.50 for adults and their web site can be found at


Unlike the museum at Dayton this is a living museum. Over half of the planes are in flying condition and several regularly make trips to air shows in the eastern U.S. and Canada. The stars of the museum are a pair of very rare P-47D Thunderbolts. But there is a F-86 Saber Jet, a pair of Mig-17s, a Mig-21, two P-80 Shooting Stars, a T-28 Trojan and a forward fuselage section from a B-25 that MGM used to make air to air movie shots including “Catch -22”.

All the planes are located in a hanger where the walls are painted white. This is much better than the hangers at Wright Patterson as you can get better light reflection and some very good pictures. They have two warbird flyins a year. We just missed this years October gathering by one week. Check their web site for next years shows.


I am sending Ben some pictures I took. Look for the drip pans under the engines on some of the planes to see the ones in flying condition. I recommend you stop by this museum some time. It is only 10 -12 minutes from I-40 at the Sevierville exit. Just allow more time on weekends.

Photos in the Tennessee Museum of Aviation gallery.