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2008 World Soaring Masters Live Blog!

2008 World Soaring Masters Live Blog!

The World Soaring Masters was September 19-21 in Muncie, Indiana. It’s a huge international event, and LASS’ own Ben Wilson kept live running commentary right here.

2008 World Soaring Masters Final Scores
1 Bob McGowan 5983.1 – $2500
2 Arend Borst 5982.0 – $1250
3 Cody Remington 5978.8 – $750
4 Mike Smith 5974 – $500
5 Murat Esibatir 5967 – $250
6 Joe Wurts 5900?
7 Ben Clerx 5719
8 Jo Grini 5695
9 Jim Frickey 5094
10 Jeffrey Walters 4558

The 2008 World Soaring Masters is in the bag! Congratulations to Bob McGowan for winning the contest and the $2500 prize.

Our own Lee Atchison won the JR/Parkzone Radian electric sailplane contest – he beat out the likes of Mike Fox, Joe Wurts, F5J guy Bob Burson and WSM finalist Jim Frickey in an exciting final. He took home a Parkzone Radian sailplane signed by a bunch of folks…

Joe Nave of has the Qualifying Scores and the Final Scores. Check out photos on Flickr, or read the World Soaring Groups thread @ RCGroups. And my… my inspiration, the one and only Jo “Jojo” Grini from Norway has his own take on the 2008 World Soaring Masters here: Jojo shot some video of the Parkzone Challenge, so keep an eye out for that. The St. Louis guys have their own recap of the WSM2008 here.

The LIVE UPDATES have been archives and you can read em’ “after the jump”.
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