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Two-Channel Contest Next Sunday, March 1st!

Two-Channel Contest Next Sunday, March 1st!

...and the hand catch for the finish!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Sunday, March 1st, we will hold a trial run for our 2009 LASS 2-Channel Club Contest Series at Charlie Vettiner Park.

Let’s dust off those old 2 meters, 3 meters, standards, catapult launchers, whatever you got, and let’s have some low-pressure contest fun as a club. If you’ve never flown a contest, or it’s been a long time, come out anyway.

Below you will find the proposed format:
1) Fly what you got as long as it’s only 2-channel and it’s unpowered
2) 3 rounds of 5, 7, 5 minutes
3) High start launches
4) Tape landing
5) 10am start time!

This will be a non-points event, so let’s get out and have some fun and work all of the kinks, bugs, and cobwebs out of the thumbs. Although the weather outside doesn’t look too conducive to flying today, the weather report for next weekend is looking half way decent (48 – partly cloudy). Tentatively, we would like to target the first Sunday of each month, and we will accumulate points throughout the series. Other rules, format changes, and schedule details are being made up as we go along, but we will have it all worked out before the first points event.