Two-Channel Contest #2

Two-Channel Contest #2

Gordy reports: Our Second Fly what you brought 2 channel contest is in the books! 11 Pilots made it a LSF 3 Contest qualifier and some guys got their LSF2 time flights, some got their LSF1 landings. Great day with a mix of Vistas, BOT’s, Spirit, Sagitta, a Bubble Dancer and an AVA… We allowed an Easy Glider in too, even though its sort of full house, but since its foam, what the heck. Next contest we’ll have a Radian …yep with an electric motor to get it up! We’ll just have the CD tell him when to shut off the motor to match the high start launches.

This was a hoot! And some guys got a chance to see that flying a competition is not embarrassing or pressure, but really fun and that soaring can be done with a purpose, versus just floating around all the time.

PILOT    Place  Points
Lee      1      2756
Rick     2      2585
Ben      3      2450
Brian    4      2393
Steven   5      2368
Ed       6      2258
Hank     7      2246
John O.  8      2155
John H.  9      1982
Dave     10     1372
Dion     11     1171

Check out the standings on the Club Contest page and read more reports after the jump…

Walking the quarter mile to the landing tapes was a shocker for most (okay it was only about 100′ but I’m sure they felt it was a lot farther.

One plane of particular beauty was an original member’s home brew! I called it the Genie-gon…a scratch built Genie looking fuse with a Paragon wing. Very attractive with its droop nose and it flew well, but the wing got kind of sketchy after a particularily energetic tow when a thermal came thru the launch area, so he retired it . He’s building a Houston Hawk wing for it, so no worries on tow in the near future I guess that will make it a Genie-Hawk :-).

“They came out of the woodwork for this one…” Which means we had members who we hadn’t see flying in years come out..and guess what…they flew great!

Vistas are very good ships, but like all Tower ARF sailplanes with fixed stabs, you have to get the 3/16″ positive incidence out of the stab, and yes that means chopping under the stab to drop the rear end! We’ve been shimming the back of the wing but it makes the fuse fly tail down, very weird to see them zooming up in a thermal with the tail hanging down :-) and of course you need to then pull a bunch of lead to get it to balance at 45% of root chord. Once they are tuned up they become some pretty serious flying ships.

The AVA pilot found out that while he has a huge soaring advantage, getting them down with out spoilers can take an extra minute, slow them down too much into the wind and end up short. 100points just laying out there to pick up but few managed 75!

In the end, who was big dog? The little dog of course, our little Lee flying his trusty and rusty Sagitta 2m.

When all the rounds were done and the scores in, I asked the top 4 finishers to fly a all up last down fly off. No timers, no landing points…..just do your best. The interesting thing? The pilots landed in the same order they finished the contest in! Good piloting over comes luck every time. All the pilots flew well but I think that they all want to fly….better now.


From Dion Dunn:

First off, a BIG thank you to everyone for coming out and having fun today.  It was a little hectic, but we will smooth things out as the year progresses.  Most importantly, everyone took their planes home in one piece and as far as I could tell, we all had fun.  Ben, thanks for working the scores all day and getting them posted on the website so quickly.

For those of you that missed it, highlights for the day:
1)       Let’s here it for Mother Nature – nice Spring day, lift floating through the field, and my first sunburn on the back of the neck.
2)       I may be the only person that gets hit by his own sailplane in the landing zone
3)       Ben agrees to switch planes with Lee, then gets beat by his own plane (and a better, younger pilot) – J
4)       Hank gets a very respectable 7 minute flight on a 7 minute task, even with 5 people telling him how to fly his plane
5)       Bruce has a couple of launches higher than some of our hi-start launches (of course he had a DLG)
6)       4 hi-starts in a pseudo MOM format made for some great looking launches
7)       Dave skips the last round and still finishes higher than me
8)       Ben’s 100 point landing with no landing control
9)       Lee showing us all how it’s done……

Let’s get 3-4 more people out for the contest on the Sunday of April 5th.  As the CD, I may even bring drinks.

And a BIG thank you for all of the help at the field today, and patience with me as the rookie pilot and rookie CD.

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