Two Channel #3!

Two Channel #3!

Dion Dunn writes in with a report on the 3rd (but first “real, points-awarding”) 2-Channel Conent held on Sunday:

First off, a big THANK YOU to all who attended today’s first points paying contest of the 2009 2-Channel “fly what you brung” contest.  We had 8 pilots attend today’s contest, Mother Nature was very good to us, and I think fun was had by all (although Steven may not have had too much fun – see below).

Two Channel #3
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It was a little iffy going into today’s first round.  The weather looked variable, and not many people responded to the email reminders.  But, the morning looked promising so off to the field I went. I was pleasantly surprised to see 8 people show up with planes and an absolutely beautiful day in the 70’s with around 8 mph breezes coming out of the South.  Rick started the day with a warm-up flight of his Vista while everything was getting setup.  Great, we’ll all see how the air is – 11+ minutes later we had to threaten Rick so we could get the contest started!  Yes, the air was good.

Read on for more – and make sure to check out the scores on our Club Contest page.

The first group launched closer to Noon on this day, so we were off to a better start.  Rick, John O. and Allen started the day off in fine fashion with the first round being a 5 minute task.  I was timing for Allen when he lamented that he had never done this before, but hopefully I made him feel better by telling him that this was only my 3rd contest myself.  Allen ended up looking like he had done this many times.  The first group struggled with the sun as it was in direct line with our hi-starts.  After Allen got the nervous twitches out of his thumbs, and John showed us the way with the Aspire, the first round was in the books (Rick forgot where the lift was when the points mattered….).   Unfortunately, my launch in the second group didn’t go so smoothly.  I completely lost the plane in the sun about half way up the line for about 15-20 seconds.  I did a couple of turns to try to get it back in view with no luck.  Even worse, no one around me could see it either.  Then all of a sudden Allen’s Wife (sorry, didn’t get your name – but thanks!) says, “Hey, is that your plane over there?”  At this point the plane was already off the line about 100 yards downwind behind us over my right shoulder.  Luckily, it was still at about 350 ft. and I still managed to get my best flight of the day.  To finish off the first round, John F. and Dave showed us all where the landing ribbons were and ended up with the two best flights of the round.

The second round (7 minute task) was fairly uneventful.  Rick managed to grab a 7:38 flight, but missed the tapes (come on Rick, there was 3 of them out there!).  Once again John F. showed us how to land but had a low time.  By this time, variable cloud cover had started to move in and it made the launches and flying much more enjoyable.  Remember rookie Allen back in the first round?  Yep, he comes in strong with a second place flight in this round.

The Third round (7 minute task) had its moments.  John O. once again came alive after a bad second round and manages a 5:29, but missed the landing.  Landings were tough today.  I think we were all over-estimating the landing pattern and falling short of the tapes.  The Vistas just hung there and dropped straight down when they were anywhere below 30 feet.  Steven gets up in the second group with his big Bird of Time, and just like a few weeks back, the ping got him.  Up the line she went for a nice launch.  Just as Steven pinged it, the right wing snapped and down she came.  At least this time the plane came down in a more gentle fashion and it appeared the fuselage was fixable, if not the whole plane with some work.  Allen once again put in a respectable time of 4:08, but missed the tapes.  The Vista contingent (Rick, Dion, John H.) struggled in the third round with low times and no landings.  John F threw up a big time of 7:20, and even with that he was racing the thing to get it down to the ground.  What was that you said John, “where are my spoilers?”…..  J   And finally, in the smallest plane in the field and surely the lightest, Dave and his Handy handlaunch puts up a 7:18 and 51 landing points!

All in all, it was another great day of flying.  We obviously all have work to do on our landings, but hopefully we all got a little better this time.

I’ll paste the scores below and also send them off to Ben for posting on the website.  You will notice we did not normalize the scores.  We are keeping it simple and just doing total time and landing points.  That way, it’s easier to see how you have improved throughout the year.  Also, I’ll send Ben some photos and send some with this email.  Please post any other photos taken as well.

Dave – 1st place
John F. – 2nd place
Rick  – 3rd Place

PILOT	Place	Points	Plane
Dave	1	863	Handy (HLG)
John F.	2	843	K-Bird
Rick	3	729	Vista
John O.	4	665	Aspire
Allen	5	562	Riser
John H.	6	451	Vista
Dion	7	422	Vista
Steven	8	193	Bird of Time

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