Two-Channel Contest #2 Report

Two-Channel Contest #2 Report

Dion Dunn writes in with a report of Sunday’s “Two Channel Contest”. You can check out the yearly standings as well as the round-by-round scores on the Club Contests page. Read on for Dion’s report:

The grass was wet, and that was all of the moisture we saw until we were almost packed up.  The air was actually pretty favorable with some lift blowing through the field and nice launches being had by most.  I think I even spotted the sun a couple of times.

We flew in 2 groups of 3 even though we had 5 high starts laid out (see above).  The first group was John O., Lee, and Ed.  Lee brought out his nicely constructed OlyII picked up (or should I say stolen?) at Toledo and proceeded to grab a 15 second flight after a pop off.  Everyone at the field breathed a sigh of relief as we all thought the little master was beatable on this Sunday – stay tuned.  Ed decided to bring out his beautiful Hobie Hawk.  After some shaky trim flights and a determination that it had negative washout, he hooked it up anyway and managed to bring it down in one piece at a 1:28.  That sure is a good looking bird in the air.  John finished up with a clean, but shorter 1:17.  NO landing points for anyone.  OK, well, this could be a really short day.

The second group stepped up and took a crack at the air, all of us feeling confident that we could move into the lead.  Harold had a respectable flight with his Vista at 1:49, but missed the landing.  Steven had the purple people eater out (officially a Thermic 100), and we all kept our fingers crossed that the spar would hold up.  Well it did, and Steven managed a nice 2:08 but also missed the landing.  My turn with the Vista, and I managed to grab a 3:47.  My thumbs were feeling good on this day, but again my landing (or lack of) skills got in the way and I almost took John’s head off.  As a result of the landing, I stripped the elevator servo and almost lost the ship during the round 2 launch.  My day was finished.

I won’t go into all of the detail for rounds 2 and 3 because none of the times were much better than round one.  As a matter of fact, that 3:47 I nabbed in round one was the longest flight of the day (see, don’t you wish you would have been there?).  However, Lee came charging from the back and scored 60 points on his round 2 landing and 94 points in round 3 with flights of 1:46 and 1:47 respectively.  How much do landing points mean in a contest like this?  Even though I only had one good flight, I had more flight time than Lee but he managed to nab the overall win.

So, everyone took their planes home in one piece and a good time was had by all.  A big thanks to Harold who wins the furthest distance travelled award.  Tony also came out and snapped a few pics and showed us his thumbs still work by nicely guiding Lee’s Oly around the field after the contest was over.  Tony, we need to get you flying again.

The final results:

1)  Lee              382 points
2)  Steven         333 points
3)  John O.        330 points
4)  Ed              306 points
5)  Harold          291 points
6)  Dion            244 points

Practice your landings!


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